November 12, 2017

PropanePodcast | The Return of Kit Laughlin 2017


Time stamped show notes

0:01 Introducing Kit Laughlin, the world’s leading authority on stretching and flexibility and a short preamble on injury and training adaptation.
0:08 How can we overcome the limitations of post-injury tightness caused by fear responses, threat perception and guarding?
0:23 Off-season for the powerlifter, the dangers of year-round spinal loading and the importance of periodisation.
0:35 Diminishing attention spans, instant gratification and unrealistic expectations.
0:59 Training for optimal performance versus training for identity reinforcement and why we should train mindfully rather than obsessively.
1:20 Recommendations for building and enhancing self-awareness.
1:35 Kit’s thought on Stuart McGill’s methodology and ideas.
1:46 What would be best practice to avoid hyper-extension of the knees and joint hypermobility?
1:56 Plantar fasciitis – causes and treatments.
2:04 What is the best way to deal with emotional blocks and the accumulation of tension that manifest in the body?
2:26 What is the minimum effective does for stretching and should stretching be periodised?
2:32 What is the biggest mistake that people make when trying to become flexible and tools for getting flexible – what should I buy?
2:45 What is the best exercise for mastering Downward Dog?
3:03 Fitness gurus and other narcissists – why the ego will do anything to defend itself.
3:10 Closing thoughts – Kit on gratitude and the human experience.

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