RollStretch | the explicit fascial part of Stretch Therapy

RollStretch targets fascia everywhere in the body, and is designed to soften and realign this most important substance. We use the TravelRoller (google this item), in conjunction with hard wooden polished dowels in various thicknesses, firm acupressure and other balls, and other tools, so that every tight spot in the body can be given a workout, including the internal organs (we use a soft ball for this!).

In addition, we use hanging techniques too; hanging is part of our evolutionary heritage and once we get used to it, we become very good at it (and there is an important side benefit of significantly strengthening the grip).

We combine the familiar ST stretching techniques with additional emphasis on fascia; using these techniques together you will be able to undo knots and long-held tension that may not have yielded to other approaches. Breathing and relaxing consciously in the process magnifies all effects.

An example exercise that can combine lengthening and stretching is the floor hip flexor lunge. Effective in its standard form, holding on to a ladder bar with the arm on the back leg side, pushing back with the other arm, and relaxing and breathing, adds a massive additional stretch that is felt in the arm, armpit, the whole of the trunk, in addition to the hip flexors.

Generally, we have found that the more of the body you can involve in any stretch, the more the fascial aspect is emphasised.

Recent research has shown that all of the conventional neural structures of muscles and tendons (RuffiniGolgiPacini, and undifferentiated) is found in fascia, too, and far from fascia being ‘inert ground substance’, as it was when I was taught anatomy and physiology, fascia is now being considered as a sensory organ itself.

Google Schleip, R, for many references to this fascinating substance. Robert is a lovely human being, too.

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