Newsletter no. 46 – Monday 9 January, 2023

This is the web-based version of Stretch Therapy Newsletter no. 46

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Best wishes to everyone for 2023 😻

With love,
Kit and Olivia


Remove throat tension

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This video guides you through a powerful sequence to release all tension from your throat and front neck muscles, followed by a marvellous middle/upper back release. The throat movement involves neck extension (taking your head back) – if you are not familiar with this movement, we recommend you start with this gentler sequence.

For the throat sequence, we have used a voice over – you’ll see why 😻.

Sydney workshops, March/April 2023:
Early Bird cutoff date is 19 January 2023

The closing date for Early Bird registrations is just 10 days away. If you are keen to attend, please ensure you register by 19 January.

For the people who are travelling from interstate or from outside Australia, time is needed to finalise travel and accommodation plans. For this reason, we offer a substantial discount with the Early Bird price to make sure we have the numbers to proceed.

If we do not get the minimum number of registrations by the Early Bird date, we will withdraw a workshop(s).

The Sydney dates are the only workshops we – Kit and Olivia – will be offering in 2023. We hope to see you there!

Click on the ‘Register here’ links below for full details.

ST for Performance
Sat 25 and Sun 26 March 2023
19 Cross St, Brookvale NSW 2100
Register here

Into the Stretch
Fri 31 March and Sat 1 April 2023
Crows Nest Centre
2 Ernest Place, Crows Nest NSW 2065
Register here

Deeper Into the Stretch
Sun 2 and Mon 3 April 2023
Crows Nest Centre
2 Ernest Place, Crows Nest NSW 2065
Register here

A note from a student

I discovered ST about 4 years ago. I initially immersed myself in the Starter Course. I quickly found myself trusting I was in good hands with each of you and that I would not get injured using your system. I had practiced various kinds of yoga in the past and did not trust the teachers to be thoughtful of my body, and in fact often got injured.

I then did an excellent weekend Into the Stretch workshop in Nov 2020 with Justin Chien and James Wheatley.

ST is very much part of my life now. I can tell what I want for myself is what you have offered. To find ease and grace in my body. I can tell that I have learned much, and am aware that I have so much more to learn. Even though it's been 4 years, I feel like I am just starting. It's possible that some folks may get it faster, but I'm just happy to be getting it at all.

In addition to dedicated stretching sessions, I use ST throughout my day. I have also taken Justin's zoom class for the last few years. He is an excellent teacher. I have learned much from your books, the forums, and your podcasts. My two favorite podcasts are the ones each of you did with the guys from Range of Strength (Kit – Part 1, Part 2: Olivia). I think there was a lot of valuable information in those.

I'm realizing that finding ease and grace in my body it will be a longer process than I had assumed. But the goal more profound then i originally realized. It is my birth right and I want to reclaim it.

There are particular challenges that are unique to me, as I'm sure we each have our unique stories. For me there are the years of conditioning as a man to just push through pain and injury, and as an athlete to push through pain and injury, as a truck driver to push through pain in injury.

I was able to push through because I was strong. But now I see all that pushing and ignoring came at a price. One I must now pay.  
As Kit has said, it is my body. I also get that it will have to be me that will have to put in the work to make this happen.

A few things I am excited about these days is learning to relax more in a stretch. I like moving into it slower. Noticing how I feel. Instead of my body tensing up with fear at an impending end range tightness, I look forward to it. To find it and see what relaxation I can find there.

Also, recently when I relax after doing a contraction, I have in my mind the letting go that Kit refers to in his lying relaxations [click on ‘Audios’ directly underneath the green section at the top of this page}.

BTW, my favorite stretch is the lunge hamstring stretch. It feels like such a gift to have.

I greatly appreciate the two of you and am thankful for having you and your system in my life. Thank you for your good work.

I hope that 2023 brings you closer to those things you wish for.

With great appreciation.

Adley G., USA – via email