Newsletter no. 13 – Monday 30 August, 2021

This is the web-based version of Stretch Therapy Newsletter no. 13

Spinal extension – active poses

Building on the passive back bends of the last newsletter, today we introduce three active back bends – their brilliance lies in being able to exactly position the lines of maximum stretch in three dimensions, and this allows you to find out precisely where your own tight bits are. In addition to this complete freedom of movement, the designs of these three poses allow the use of push–pull forces (something Olivia has been working on for the last several years). As well, the usual contractions, small movements, and other active work can be done on any tight line that you find.


How to perform a forearm backbend

This is a quick tutorial on how to properly perform a forearm backbend (also known as elbow backbend).

Although a beginner's back bend in the ST system, the fact that everyone can do it means that you can explore a huge range of additional pushes and pulls that moves the stretch from one place to another. This is highly recommended for everyone, and not only beginners.

forearm back bend

How to do a bench backbend stretch

The dual bench setup in our kitchen lends itself to back bending, in a completely controllable way. Elbow pressure downwards relieves compression in the lower back; the arms can rotate the shoulders with respect to the hips; and the arms control the depth of the bend, and make coming out of the end position safe and easy.

bench back bend 1400x800

Standing back bend

In this video, Liv shows you how to do an unusual kind of supported back bend, using the ladder bars (any support you can hang on to with one hand can be used). Unlike our 'Passive back bend over support', where you can relax completely, this one is very active and will stretch the quads and hip flexors in addition to many places on the front line (ribs, pec. minor, abdominals, and more). You will be in complete control and the end stretch result will be excellent.

standing ladder bar back bend 1400x800

A note from a student

I've gained so much from the Stretch Therapy content; the Starter Course and now the films you have been sharing on YouTube. Very generous of you. It's a wonderful thing passing on your knowledge and giving people the power to maintain and manage their bodies, being able to open a dialogue with ones own biomechanics, to feel, assess and heal. Very powerful stuff. Have you ever thought of changing the name to Stretch Magic?! Seriously, keep up the good work and thank you both.

Tom M.