Newsletter no. 31 – Monday 28 February, 2022

This is the web-based version of Stretch Therapy Newsletter no. 31

Look and read

An exercise image album with full cues annotated

face down rotation

This still-image album on the ST Facebook page details a large number of the exercises and techniques we covered at the first ever Deeper Into the Stretch workshop in Melbourne, 7–8 May 2016 – who can remember that many years back? 😻

We were so busy on the workshop itself we were only able to take a few images, so we set up the lounge at a friend’s place and shot all the routines there. Olivia has annotated over two hundred images with the cues – click on each image to load the large version and that's where you'll find the annotations – and that is what we present in the album.

Deeper Into the Stretch had a pre-requisite that attendees had some experience with Stretch Therapy, typically the Into the Stretch workshop, which meant new versions of key exercises could be explored, and many RollStretch* techniques were included.

This is an unique resource; please share far and wide.

* In RollStretch (RS) the emphasis is fascia. RS uses sticks, balls of various diameters, and rollers to increase the effect of any stretch position. ‘Fascial remodelling’ is a reality; this term describes what happens when this tissue is stressed in particular ways and it is permanently altered as a result. To read much more, head over to the Myofascial Release Wiki on the ST website.

In case you missed them

Here are the links to the four hour-long classes we released in January and February.

Beginner-level with Kit
1. Released 3 Jan – https://stretchtherapy.net/one-hour-beginner-level-class-the-three-necks/
2. Released 31 Jan – https://stretchtherapy.net/one-hour-beginner-level-class-with-kit-laughlin/

Intermediate-level with Olivia
3. Released 17 Jan: https://stretchtherapy.net/one-hour-intermediate-level-class/
4. Released 14 Feb: https://stretchtherapy.net/one-hour-intermediate-level-class-with-olivia/

Notes from ST students

God bless you Kit Laughlin. This sequence is exactly what I needed to relax. I knew almost all the exercises from other lessons but watching and listening to Kit adds a magic effect that is way more relaxing than trying those on my own. Once I heard that the very presence of a real master already teaches you something, as if his personality irradiates some knowledge that couldn't be transmitted otherwise. I believe this applies so well for Kit.

Paulo Estevao, via YouTube – about class 1 above

This was extremely satisfying and relaxing. Thank you.

Markus, via the ST website – about class 1 above

This is fantastic!!! Just tried it and I think I moved parts of my body that were never moved though I train regularly.. Thank you so much!!

Ilham Talab, via YouTube – about class 4 above

Immersive, effective and a beautiful voice.

David Freel, via YouTube – about class 4 above