Newsletter no. 39 – Monday 4 July, 2022

This is the web-based version of Stretch Therapy Newsletter no. 39


Floor front arm stretch

liv floor front arm 1400x706

Olivia takes you through the floor version of the front arm stretch; this has a number of advantages over the wall version, and some people much prefer this one.

Olivia will take you through the subtleties of the floor version. Remember that it can be used to stretch either bicep or pec. major (in addition to all of the other muscles and fascia), just by how you have the arm oriented towards the floor. Palm facing the floor? Pec. major. Arm internally rotated, with back of wrist towards the floor? Now it's a major biceps stretch.

Olivia's version adds a strong fascial dimension, too.

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A note from a student

I found your channel today, I practiced this routine and I didn’t realise when time flew by, I’m a complete beginner and this video was the most accurate one made with beginners in mind, I’m inflexible in a lot of areas but I truly feel happy after doing this routine and I’m looking forward to practicing, learning and improving everyday. Really grateful to you 🙏

Chip – via YouTube