March 22, 2020

Wall front arm stretch


In this video, Olivia demonstrates a lovely variation on the wall front arm stretch. These enhancements move the effect slightly away from the neural to the fascial dimension.

One further cue (Olivia forgot to mention this in the video!) is that the outer leg (her left leg in this video) can be stretched out away from the other leg/wall AND behind you, in the same way as the left arm – this winds on the sensation across the ribs, abdominals, and front hip fascia strongly.

To enhance the neural dimension of this wonderful exercise, once in the final stretch position, and following the contractions if you are using them, and once having done the breathing and relaxing – if you want to enhance the stretch! – simply lift the fingers and palm away from the wall, slowly. Adding this apparently minor wrist extension to the movement emphasises the neural dimension very powerfully. Just like dorsiflexing the ankle enhances any hamstring stretch, so too does adding wrist extension enhance the chest and neural dimension of this exercise.

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