March 26, 2020

Floor front arm stretch


In this video, Olivia takes you through the subtleties of the floor version of the front arm stretch. Remember that it can be used to stretch either bicep or pec. major (in addition to all of the other muscles and fascia), just by how you have the arm oriented towards the floor. Palm facing the floor? Pec. major. Arm internally rotated, with back of wrist towards the floor? Now it's a major biceps stretch. Olivia's version adds a strong fascial dimension, too.

  • Intense! To allow me to relax my stretch shoulder and head, I placed a folded towel (8 layers) in a diagonal underneath. Pressing the front of the stretch shoulder into the towel improved proprioception and relaxation, and kept the neck in line with the spine. I used ‘tacky’ drawer liners for the outstretched arm and foot to grip onto the floor. Not as good as the ‘executive mat’ but good enough.

    • I was playing with this stretch yesterday. I found that turning my head and resting my forehead on the floor was a really comfortable position. Cheers, Liv

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