February 14, 2011

Floor piriformis stretch (plus partner assist)


This is the strongest of the piriformis stretches; and the most novel, because unlike all others, this one moves the sacral end of the muscle in relation to the greater trochanter. All common p, stretches move the greater trochanter in relation to the sacrum. This is the most effect of the p. stretches.

Make sure you hold your final position for at least five relaxed breaths in and out. Contractions may be repeated; do the exercise twice on both sides.

*Please note that all Stretch Therapy "stretching" techniques are also strengthening techniques, too, because we use isometric contractions as part of the process. The contractions strengthen the muscle in the part of the range of movement they are applied in, and if excessive tension is the cause of the pain you are experiencing, the same contractions result in a relaxation of the muscle.*

Pay careful attention to positioning, and don't force anything!

If your front leg's knee does not like the rotational forces, we have other easier ones; search for "piriformis" here.

Audio version

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