Stretch Therapy Teachers online offerings

As at 4 July 2020

Due to the global coronavirus situation, many Stretch Therapy Teachers are moving online, or are planning to. Please find details below. We will keep this page updated.


Brunei Darussalam
Dexter Goh
Stretch Teacher
Contact: (will be operating and advertising mainly via IG)

I will start offering one on one Stretch Therapy sessions soon, not ready at the moment but am fine tuning the details.
What I am offering: movement, pain and rehab online assessment. Helping clients find the cause of their issue and working with them via movement, exercises, breathing and stretching etc.

Nathan Takase
Stretch Teacher

Available for one-on-one and small group sessions.

Wai Kuan and Chi-Chang
Stretch Teachers
Website (link to full details): l Email: to enrol.

Online one-to-one and group lessons – open to worldwide students



Merryn Brown
Senior Stretch Teacher, Stretch Practitioner, and Monkey Gym Teacher

Merryn’s 10 week Autumn term of Stretch Therapy classes will be delivered to all enrolled students via pre-recorded ‘follow-along’ videos. The Autumn term dates are: Monday 27 April > Friday 4 July. Please email Merryn for more information.

Markus Zellner, Senior Stretch Teacher and Monkey Gym Teacher
Louise Raisin, Stretch Teacher
Karen Caldwell, Stretch Teacher

Anyone interested in joining us online please contact Louise 0408 740 280 or
Markus, Louise, and Karen are continuing to teach their regular classes online using Zoom. This includes Advanced and Intermediate Tuesday evenings, and Stretch Basics and Intermediate Sunday afternoons. We have some capacity for online one-on-one Stretch Therapy sessions.
Class fee adjustments: pay for one class per week (casual or term fee) and attend as many classes as you want. If you are experiencing financial hardship please contact us to discuss fees.

Ben Brikcius
Stretch Teacher and Monkey Gym Teacher

Class Venue: Zoom Sessions
To join send a request to Term dates: 12 weeks $180 – Mondays Lunch 12:30 1:30pm, Tuesdays Lunch: 12:30 1:30pm (Term rates apply to Monday & Tuesday lunch classes. You may join within the term only paying for the remaining classes) Make up missed session on other days. Casual Classes
Friday 6.00–7.30 am Triple Treat Class – Dynamic conditioning, core strength and mobility (Friday classes casual rate $20 per session) Tuesday 6.00–7.15 pm Floor based whole body strength and flex, with handstands, hip mobility, core and more (Tuesday classes casual rate $15 per session)

John Travers
Stretch Teacher and Monkey Gym Teacher

I will soon be offering online strength sessions at least once a week depending on interest. Times and format to be advised. If you have any questions or would like to be added to my mailing list please contact me through my website.


Sydney (Belrose and CBD)
Cherie Seeto
Senior Stretch Teacher and Stretch Practitioner

Crafted over 21 years, my specialties are small Stretch Therapy classes and 1-on-1 sessions to encourage a very personal, slow paced practice. Open to everyone, I’m using Zoom and other online platforms to share unique variations and details for an enriching experience.

Sydney (Bellevue Hill/Bondi Beach)
Donna Eddy
Stretch Teacher and Stretch Practitioner

Offering: one-on-one sessions and semi private groups of up to 6.

Sydney (Mona Vale)
Jo Callender
Stretch Teacher

I will run 3 live classes a week via Zoom – Monday at 9am, Tuesday at 6pm, and Thursday at 8.30am.
A. Attend 1 class a week and pay up front $144 for 8 weeks OR
B. Attend 2 or more classes and pay up front for an 8 week course $160

Sydney (Ashfield and CBD)
Jo Goh
Stretch Teacher

Small group online Zoom Stretch Therapy classes (beginner and leg focused athlete classes) with max 6 participants for correction and monitoring. Can demonstrate self myofascial release techniques via hands and tools for certain pathologies like headaches, lower back pain, jaw pain, as neural glides exercises. Can add more time slots if demand exists e.g. weekend.
$20/casual, $180/ block of 10 (to be used over 3 months) Monday 5pm, Thursday 5pm, Thursday 6:15pm, Saturday 10am

Private Stretch Therapy sessions customised to the attendees pathology, goals, mobility. Can be combined with general home care advice and ergonomic assessment of work station if requested. $75/ hour.

Sydney ((Drummoyne; Alexandria)
Rua Hvitulv

YogaRuka is offering 21 Live-Streamed classes per week, a library of pre-recorded sessions, and a private Facebook group community to keep you accountable, for $20/week for the whole household. Stretch Therapy is available (both traditional and as a fusion with Yin Yoga and other contemporary methods of mobility), as well as yoga, meditation and high-intensity interval training.

Helen Ilich
Stretch Teacher

PERSONAL COACHING (Livestream), FLEXIBILITY Program, 10 x 45 min sessions for Solo, Duo or Trio participants.
You can train on your own and benefit from a one-on-one experience that is all about YOU! You can also train with a partner or in a group of three friends for extra support, fun, and accountability! To optimise your experience, all sessions must be completed within 4 weeks, to achieve intended and best outcomes. Sessions are 45 mins in duration.

Stretching for FLEXIBILITY and MOBILITY.
Stretch Therapy™ principles and GMB™ Fitness methodology. Improve and sustain flexibility, that you can apply to daily life and any physical activity. These sessions are powerful, active and dynamic. The diverse range of Stretch Therapy™ techniques are utilised and reinforced with playful and exploratory movements from GMB programs.

Ocean Shores (Byron Bay)
Ben Exton
Stretch Teacher and Monkey Gym Teacher

Offering small group or private stretch sessions.

Byron Bay
Karlye Williamson
Stretch Teacher

Will be conducting a weekly online Stretch Therapy class. This class will cover the full body and will be held on Wednesdays at 5:30-6:30 pm
Class is held on Zoom. Please txt get meeting ID number to 0410 777 578. Classes will be on a donation basis.


Brisbane (Graceville)
Jim Pickles
Stretch Teacher

Offering: follow-along stretch classes
I’m preparing some on-line follow-along classes (though shorter than normal) for my usual stretch students. They will be free of charge and publicly available, so accessible by anyone. While extra explanations as given in class and now familiar to the students will not always be given, the classes should still be fully understandable by anyone. Soon I will put them on Youtube or Vimeo (depending on upload opportunity), and linked to from my webpage (

Sue Kelso
Stretch Teacher

Yoga with a Twist, is currently offering Yoga, Meditation and Stretch Therapy classes via Facebook. These classes can be done in your own home when the class goes live or alternatively at a time that suits you. If you’re interested feel free to direct message Sue via Facebook Yogawithtwist or email

Adrienne Smillie
Stretch Teacher and Stretch Practitioner

* Stretch Therapy casual classes: ONLINE – Saturday morning 10am till 11.15am Classes are fun and are all about connection and moving with ease and grace through life.
* 8 week Stretch Therapy courses: ONLINE – Tuesday evening 7pm till 8.15pm Classes are run in 8 week cycles and paid in advance
* BEGINNER Stretch Therapy course – 8 weeks : ONLINE – Saturday mornings 8.15am till 9.30am This course will be suitable for participants who have not done ST before who may have previous injuries, trauma reduced mobility. Classes are slow and gentle so you can find what works best for you.
* One-on-one private Stretch Therapy sessions: ONLINE Individual lessons can be a wonderful way to have a program tailor made just for you.

Upper Coomera
Irene Haas
Stretch Teacher

Please contact me via email for updates and private lessons. I will be running online zoom classes soon.


Carmel Taylor
Senior Stretch Teacher and Stretch Practitioner
For more information visit or email

Stretch Therapy Live Streamed into your lounge!
No matter where you are in the world you are welcome to join in our live streamed classes. Each class is 60 minutes in length and includes a delightful relaxation at the end! Simply book online and select your payment option – casual, 10 class pass or weekly unlimited. The Zoom class link will be emailed to you up to 30 minutes prior to the start of class.


Mark Hayes
Stretch Teacher

Each week 2 new stretch classes are uploaded to the members page. Watch whenever you want and as many times as you would like. Bonus content includes occasional gymnastic strength training classes as well as movement/mobility classes.


Corey Story
Stretch Teacher and Stretch Practitioner

ONLINE CLASSES: Stretch Therapy & Yoga
STRETCH CLASSES: 1 x pure stretch class per week. Corey also incorporates Stretch Therapy within his Yoga classes (especially hands/ wrists/ arm nerve flossing/ hip flexors/ piriformis).
PRIVATE CLASSES: Available by appointment.
FUTURE: Corey aims to have 2 x stretch classes running a week if demand is there.

Jan Juc (near Geelong)
Matt Perrett
Stretch Teacher

In the flesh – 1:1 in the park around the Geelong region, 30–45 minute Stretch Therapy sessions.
Online (Zoom) – 1:1 Stretch Therapy sessions, informed by initial Zoom assessment call.


Rob Cole
Stretch Teacher

Video on demand Stretch Therapy classes are available to release your neck, shoulders, hips and hamstrings at home.

Winnie Leung
Stretch Teacher
Website: l Email:

Offering online sessions from home using the principles of Stretch Therapy and Functional Movement Strategy (FMS) to improve mobility, flexibility and strength.


Bruno Giustozzi
Stretch Teacher
Website: tba

Personalised one-on-one Stretch Therapy sessions through Zoom, to help you to release tension, move and feel better. Price: 90Euro per 60min
Contact me through Instagram (@giustozzi.bruno) or Email ( to schedule a class.

Markus Ott
Stretch Teacher

– 6 week side splits class starting May 5. More info:
– For other online classes, 1-on-1 sessions and consultations please mail to

Milan, ITALY
Libi Gnecchi
Stretch Teacher

Since the beginning of lockdown here in Italy I have been making YouTube videos of my Stretching Posturale classes, based on the Stretch Therapy method, for my pupils. I have made them freely available on a purpose-made YouTube channel. I have made a separate video for the daily 6 sequence which can be done on its own every day or as a warm-up for the weekly lessons. There are five lessons to date – I will try to post a new lesson every Wednesday. The lessons are in Italian and they are free for all. Those who subscribe to the channel should get notices each time I upload a new video.

Padova, ITALY
Angela Rasori and Mariangela Crestanello
Stretch Teachers
Facebook: l Email:

We teach together 1 hour (or a bit more) lesson on Mondays from 19:30 to 20:30 CET. Lessons take place via ZOOM platform and are run in Italian. People interested can join in sending us a message via email and will get the link to join.
We usually work the whole body with a little focus or on the upper part or in the lower. We use limbering, mobility, strengthening and roll stretch techniques as well.

One-on-one lessons are possible as well, contacting us via email to settle day and time. One-on-one lessons can be in English as well. We are asking members (it’s a membership association) a fee of € 5,00 per lesson. New students are welcome.

Zaragova/Madrid, SPAIN
Lorena Durán
Stretch Teacher
Website: l Email:

Stretch Therapy classes on live streaming by Zoom. You need to register (writing an email), and you will receive the ID and password.

Tijarafe / La Palma – Canarian Islands, SPAIN
Kolja Fark

Stretch Therapy classes and one-on-one Stretch Therapy sessions. I am working on a multilingual page (German/English/Spanish) including online support at the moment. This will be finished next week. And I have about 40 recordings of lying meditations in German – I will put some of them online, too.

Hassleholm, SWEDEN
Fanny Tulloch
Stretch Teacher

I teach Stretch Therapy as part of my Online Mobility programming. The solo and partner Stretches I teach are for improving body awareness, flexibility and expanding on one’s body map. Body mapping for me means; learning to feel more of one’s body and where it has restrictions to start exploring or ‘mapping’ it out. Your program is personalised based on an initial video call consultation and an assessment.

United Kingdom

Shilbottle , Northumberland
David Venus
Stretch Teacher

Barefoot Beach Club Stretch Therapy session
Every Monday from 10–11.30am
Join the club at
Book here select ’single class drop in’… £10 drop
Or enquire about £26 for a month’s membership /

South Yorkshire
Caroline North
Stretch Teacher

I am teaching groups and private classes, for both existing and new clients, online via Zoom. Stretch Therapy, and Pilates with Slings Myofascial Training and Stretch Therapy.

London, Notting Hill, W11
Lynn Edmonstone
Stretch Teacher, Pilates, Nutrition Advisor
Tel: +44 07703 175 257

Online private clients Pilates and Stretch, and a Pilates & Mindfulness group class twice a week. Sessions done via Zoom, Skype, What’s App & Facetime.

United States of America

Boston, Massachusetts
Justin Chien
Stretch Teacher

Following the principles of Stretch Therapy, come and learn the techniques to help you move with grace and ease. We will cover the stretching exercises literally from head to toes, plus limbering and strengthening exercises, meditation, and more! Online classes are held on Tuesday and Thursday at 5:30pm EST via Zoom. Registration required: for the class information and to sign up, see the link above.

Chapel Hill / Durham, North Carolina
Aiya Williams
Stretch Teacher

Online stretch therapy class in Zoom: Wednesdays, 5:30-6:45p EDT. Reach out via email to join –

Charlottesville, Virginia
tru Pilates
Multiple Stretch Teachers
Book through or email

tru PILATES is offering online Stretch Therapy classes – or if we add release balls we sometimes call it Stretch and Release – as well as private Stretch Therapy sessions.

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