July 13, 2021

Foot and ankle mobilisation and stretching


When is the last time you gave your feet some attention? We find that many people have rigid (tense), immobile, and weak feet and ankles – you don't want this! Well-functioning feet and ankles are:

✅ essential for efficient and comfortable movement – we move around on them, after all;
✅ connected to good function of the joints above, knees and hips; and,
✅ fundamental to balance, along with good proprioception from the soles of the feet, and strength in the muscles of the foot.

Stretch Therapy has numerous techniques to soften the feet, mobilise the toes and the rest of the foot, improve flexibility and strength in the feet, ankles, and calf muscles, and incorporates balance exercises.

This video is a standing and crouching follow-along sequence for feet and ankles, with the focus on mobilisation and flexibility.

If your feet are rigid, and in particular you can't comfortably spread your toes apart, first work your way through the Foot Awakening Sequence at https://stretchtherapy.net/foot-awakening-sequence-suitable-for-pronation-overly-high-arches-foot-and-ankle-mobility/.

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