April 6, 2020

Partner floor forearm stretch


This video shows our #1 overcome-RSI exercise; we have had spectacular success with this one over many years. Its main effects are in removing adhesions between neural and fascial structures in the forearm; evidence to support this is if adhesions were present, you will see a clearly visible redness in the skin over the area where the Repetitive Strain Injury (RSI) is experienced, which lasts only moments, which we believe is momentarily increased blood flow to that area.

Please follow the instructions carefully: this is potentially a very strong stretch, and as the partner, you can hurt someone if you move too quickly, or strongly. If you have not yet done so, please first explore the solo version.

*Please note that all Stretch Therapy "stretching" techniques are also strengthening techniques, too, because we use isometric contractions as part of the process. The contractions strengthen the muscle in the part of the range of movement they are applied in, and if excessive tension is the cause of the pain you are experiencing, the same contractions result in a relaxation of the muscle.*

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