March 18, 2020

RollStretch for the middle back


An amazingly effective** technique for targeting middle–upper back tension, of the sort produced by too much computer work! Let Liv take you through a RollStretch technique she has developed which targets this usually hard-to-get-at spot perfectly.

This tension is held in a group of muscles called the ‘paravertebrals’; they are spinal muscles that we use to extend the thoracic spine (to sit up at the computer, in other words). As well, levator scapulae and trapezius are involved, too. This one simple exercise can find all the sensitive spots there, and using her techniques, we can learn to relax onto the ball. The result is instant softening of areas that are otherwise hard to work on by yourself.

This is a RollStretch technique. RollStretch targets fascia everywhere in the body, and is designed to soften and realign this most important substance. RollStretch is a key facet of the Stretch Therapy™ system.

** Our testing has shown that this technique is *significantly* more effective if you practice it wearing a T-shirt with a cat on it! More so if you have an actual cat lying next to your right big toe – not the left, note; the right!!!

Audio version

  • Another fantastic slowed-down, self-care practice, taking full advantage of the stretch in every direction once the trigger point ball is in position. Thank you, Olivia.

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