Stretch Therapy Starter Course

The Stretch Therapy Method is a proven system of stretching exercises for adults regardless of prior experience.

24 Lessons


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Stretch Therapy Mastery Course

Have you reached a plateau in your journey to maximum flexibility? The Stretch Therapy Mastery Course is just for you – we show you how to remove the roadblocks.

81 Lessons



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Overcome Back Pain Course

Over 30 years of real-world success overcoming back and neck pain, the Stretch Therapy Healing Series simply works.

21 Lessons


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Stretching & Flexibility (PDF)

S&F is 16 lessons that take you from simple spinal movements through to the most advanced flexibility positions. This is the definitive guide to learning how to stretch, and includes many mobilisation (we call this “limbering”) movements.

Overcome Neck & Back Pain (PDF)

This book literally began the self-help revolution for these problems. ONBP has helped hundreds of thousands of people around the world to overcome their neck and back pain. The latest edition addresses hand, arm, and shoulder pain, too.

Stretching & Pregnancy (PDF)

S&P teaches pre-natal exercises, relaxation, post-natal exercises and sensible eating. Co-authored with Senior Stretch Therapy Teacher Jennifer Cristaudo, she was in the eight month of her pregnancy when she demonstrated all the recommended exercises.