October 3, 2016

Stretching brachialis


This video explains how to stretch brachialis, both a flexor and stabiliser of the elbow, and a muscle that is vital to anyone doing gymnastics strength training. As well, if you are a bodybuilder and find that you can't straighten your elbow fully, try this.

In the beginning years of practice, it is common to over-stress this muscle: the body uses this muscle as a major stabiliser of the elbow joint in all straight-arm strength movements, like the planche.

Ringo, one of the teachers at Aerial Fitness Studio in Singapore, asked Kit to help him with this muscle; it had been a problem for him for quite a while.

The video, even though only just under three minutes in duration, shows how a partner can help to stretch this muscle. If it has a small injury, or is chronically tight, you will not be able to straighten the affected elbow properly – and a small degree of hyperextension is absolutely necessary for any handstand work, or any straight-arm supports.

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