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Overcome series

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  • Can be used when you are in pain; ideal for chronic or recurring back pain.
  • Beginner difficulty level; no prior knowledge necessary.
  • No equipment needed, apart from chair and cushion.
  • Help your clients overcome back pain.
  • 14 exercises demonstrated with detailed instructions.
  • Use exercises as diagnosis – and treatment.

Forthcoming in the Overcome series:

  • Beyond back pain – the next step, once your pain is resolved
  • Bulletproof back – for those who need superior lower back function and strength

Mastery series

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 Do you want:

  • superior flexibility for your sport?
  • a full squat?
  • to put your chest on the ground between straight legs?
  • a full back bend?
  • full shoulder flexibility?

SLOW–FLOW programs

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These follow-along programs present a selection of the techniques Olivia (Allnutt) has been developing and practising to move her body from “flexible” to “supple and relaxed”.

There is a brilliant thread on the ST Community Forums that started this interest.

The first in a series, this was shot live at a “Deeper into the Stretch” (“DITS”) workshop in Australia.

Program One covers standing twisting, side-bending, and hip activation.

All the moves are both strengthening and stretching, and use micro-movements, pulsing, and directed breathing to work their magic.


The second in the SLOW–FLOW series, this program sieges two of the most problematic muscle-fascial areas in the body – the hip flexors/quadriceps and piriformis.

As Liv discusses, these long-held versions provide a similar effect to the partner versions of the exercises that work these areas.

Bonus features now available!

Covering outer hamstrings and pancake.

LIV’S SLOW-FLOW 3 is a whole-body mobility/limbering program. Featuring:

Shoulder girdle movements
Elbows and wrists
Standing one leg hip flexion and knees
Leg swings (these really challenge the balance!)
Short stance lunge
Wide stance squat > movements in this position
Whole body lateral circles
Kneeling hip mobility

Follow-along classes

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