December 21, 2022

Suspended rotation


After blocking through the standard floor rotations, Olivia uses the 'mat pile' (a stack of stretching mats we keep in the corner of the studio) to demonstrate and explain the mechanics of this wonderful whole-spine rotation. As a side note, we recommend doing all the versions (links below) in a session because, depending on where you are movement-restricted or where you are holding tension, each rotation will affect different (sometimes very different) parts of the spine.

The beauty of the version Olivia demonstrates in this video is that the hanging weight of the thigh suspended from the top of the pile holds the hips in position—and then you are able to move the whole of the rest of the spine away from the held hips. In addition, by adding a reaching action with the top arm, new sensations can be added. Directing your breathing into different parts of the waist and chest adds further dimensions and will change where you feel the effects. If you don't have a mat pile, a mattress works perfectly.

1. Spinal movements follow-along class: https://stretchtherapy.net/spinal-movements-follow-along-class/ – this session includes the 'lying rotation' exercise.

2. Coffee table rotation: https://stretchtherapy.net/coffee-table-rotation/

Spinal rotations massage the stomach and liver … your body may welcome this during the Christmas/New Year period!!!

If you’ll be sitting a lot during the break, you’ll benefit from stretching your hip flexors: the Combination lunge, spinal extension, and spinal rotation exercise feels marvellous 😻.

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