November 21, 2022

Explore spinal rotation and side-bending, toes, quads/hip flexors/abdominals, and piriformis


Follow along with Olivia as she guides you through seated spinal rotation and lateral flexion (side bending); movements to increase mobility in the toes; positions to target quadriceps, hip flexors, and abdominal muscles; and, a surprisingly intense seated piriformis sequence. The entire session is done on a raised support – a couch, a bed, for example – and this support facilitates deep relaxation in each position.

Audio file of the full class

  • Amazing class! Thank you!
    I’m doing a stretch therapy workshop in Perth with Michael Abbott from Pilates klinik who was a student of yours.
    Thank you for all of these free tutorials.
    Deepest respect

  • This looks great for me! I do your spinal exercises faithfully. You and Kit have helped me immensely . Thank you (thanks to my son, Jim Wheatley for introducing me to you😍

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