February 14, 2022

One hour Intermediate-level class with Olivia


This class** explores a variety of mobilisations for the hips, sumo squats, a standing 'triangle' hamstring stretch, the floor lunge,  the seated floor piriformis exercise, and all spinal movements.

In the 'diamond pose' sequence, if you wish to, place a cushion or rolled-up towel behind each leg's knee so the weight of your legs is supported.

** Apologies for the clothing 'rustle' in a couple of places; we're experimenting with microphones.

Audio file of the full class

  • Hi Olivia, great class! Personally, I had to modify the standing side bend using a chair for the supporting arm. When I put it on my hip it doesn’t help and I feel that side contracting. The seat of the chair seems to be the right height to support the standing exercise. Piriformis exercise is always a maze: right side gluteus off the floor, left side gluteus on the floor, always need to make the two different versions. Loved the standing “triangle” hamstring stretch, it helped a lot finding “new” tight lines. I need to practice more the rotation exercise, it was new to me and it opened new areas to explore. Thank you so much!

    • Hi Mariangela! That modification for the side bend is excellent – at our old gym in Canberra we had fixed rails at a few different heights which were perfect for that. Re. piriformis, along with hip flexors, we do find the most marked left–right differences in that part of many peoples’ bodies. I also love the standing triangle. The rotation is one I’ve been playing with the past few months; I find you can get really effective push–pull ‘forces’ via the two arms, can flex the spine (including a pelvic tilt) and get into all sort of good spots, and it doesn’t feel as constricted as other rotations. Cheers, Olivia

  • Thanks Olivia. Enjoyed that class so much. Been out hill walking twice this week. That class has relieved tightness in my hips and legs. 😃🌸

    • Hi Cora. Lovely to hear from you. I’m so pleased that you enjoyed the class. We’re off hill walking ourselves this morning, a beautiful trail through the bush along the Shoalhaven River – absolute magic! Cheers, Olivia

  • Another amazing session! My book was a fair bit thicker than yours and my quads aren’t quite up to intermediate level yet – they were a bit shaky by the time we got to the triangle stretch. But I can remember there was a time that I could barely hold a sumo squat so with your help and guidance, I’m not only improving my flexibility but also my strength. Thank you Olivia and Kit!

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